Introducing your 2022 world food championships sandwich category

Chefs, welcome to your 2022 WFC Sandwich Category!  The National Bison Association and Benjamin Lee Bison are excited to be your category sponsors for the competition and want to ensure you have access to all the quality bison products you need for prep and practice.  Below you will find all the information, and discounts, you need for the 3 bison cuts that will be provided to you in the Opening Round plus our designated Top Ten item.  Try one, try all, and show us what you can do in this WFC Sandwich #BisonBattle!

Check out our competition bundles below made for the WFC sandwich chefs only; discounted to get quality meat from our ranch to your kitchen for your recipe creations!

Please use the passcode provided by WFC to view products.  

These product bundles are reserved for WFC competitors only, to shop all premium bison cuts, visit our main store here.

Mixed Bundle

Our introduction to all 3 bison cuts in the sandwich category.  Give the ribeye, short rib and ground a try then explore our other bundles that are specific to each cut of meat.  You don't know what you love until you try them all!

Shop Mixed Bundle

Ground bison

Ground bison is naturally lean and flavorful with a lean-fat ratio averaging out to 93-7.  But, don't be too quick to assume that fat needs to be added, the texture and flavors of ground bison are perfect as is!

Shop Ground Bundle

Ribeye Steak

2022 is the year of the ribeye, so it's only fitting that we include this popular steak in your competition pantry.  But, this isn't just any ribeye, its a bison ribeye, and it can trip up even the best of chefs!

Shop Ribeye Bundle

Short Rib

Short ribs and creativity can lead to the longest list of recipe opportunities.  A short rib is a "work smarter, not harder" cut of meat.  Varying cooking techniques yield drastically different textures, flavors and recipe opportunities!  In our house, a meat like this is always cooking.  

Shop Short Rib Bundle

competitor bundle

All the cuts from the Opening Round, ground, ribeye and short rib, plus the Top Ten required ingredient: The Bison Flat Iron Steak.  Try out all 4 cuts in this bundle - because of course you're going to make it to the Top Ten!

Shop Competitor Bundle


Share your journey with us by tagging @benjaminleebison and @nationalbison and using #BisonBattle #WFC2022 

We are committed to advocating, developing and raising awareness for the bison industry.  Together we can advance our industry!  To learn about and support the bison industry, please find additional information by visiting both sponsor websites: The National Bison Association and Benjamin Lee Bison