Bison Empanadas with Chilean Pebre

In honor of National Empanada Day, and my love of Central and South American recipes, I was looking to make a recipe that honored both the traditional recipes as well as the flavor of bison meat.  The outcome is this empanada recipe that uses lots of the traditional seasonings and ingredients but with a few tweaks to emphasize the bison and offer some more healthier options.  

Hard boiled eggs are a very common ingredient in empanadas but due to my strong, lack of love for hard boiled eggs, I went ahead and did not include those.  I also prefer golden raisins over dark raisins because of their fruitier flavor, the way they are processed and their higher levels of flavonoids which are thought to provide health benefits and antioxidant effects.  

The Chilean Pebre Sauce is a condiment must!  The flavor is bright and spicy plus adds a lot of freshness.  This pairs great with the empanadas as it adds a fun layer of depth in flavor.  And it doesn't hurt that it is easy and quick to make and lasts well in the fridge and can be used as a condiment with many other recipes.