As bison ranchers, we are committed to raising our animals naturally. This includes adhering to the USDA’s regulations prohibiting the use of growth producing antibiotics and hormones. Our bison are not domesticated cattle, therefore wild animals living 100% naturally on our pastureland.


Bison meat has been perfected by nature and has grown by socially responsible ranching. Bison meat is the original US plant-based protein. With conscious consumers preferring farming and ranching practices that are moving towards a more sustainable and health conscience focus, bison meat naturally takes its spot at the top of current offerings. Hormones are prohibited in bison, antibiotics rarely are used and a high code of ethics that includes raising the animals naturally and humanely, all come together to provide the highest quality meat for discerning conscious consumers and a high quality of life for the animals.

Humanely Raised

At Benjamin Lee Bison, we believe in handling our animals with care and respect throughout their entirety. It is our goal to have our bison live as natural as possible, this means avoiding unnecessary interaction or stressors in order to evoke the most natural behaviors of the animals in the most natural environment. Our animals are on open pastures and have freedom to graze 24/7. They are never confined to a feedlot and are given access to supplemental feed and nutrients as well as continuously fresh natural well water. Promoting a natural lifestyle of our bison encourages a happier and healthier animal.


Animals are interacted with only when necessary and monitored from a safe distance being sure to take into account all pasture quality and animal quality of life. Animals are worked in a safe and calm environment to avoid any undue stress on the animal. We work on the philosophy that we run on “Bison Time” allowing them to determine what they are comfortable with and avoiding pushing the animal beyond their limits.


We base our humane practices on the Humane Farm Animal Care Standards, produced by the RSPCA. Our goal is to achieve efficiency and effectiveness for the well-being of each and every animal through exemplary performance in the following processes:

-provision of access to wholesome and nutritious feed

-appropriate environmental design

-caring and responsible planning and management

-skilled, knowledgeable, and conscientious animal care

-considerate handling, transport, and slaughter

Pasture Raised

Our animals get a sizeable portion of their food from natural grass grown in pastures. Though supplemental feed, pellets and hay may be the preference of some animals over the other, all options plus pasture grazing is available 24/7 to our bison. Our animals are raised, in their entirety, on open pasture free for roaming and grazing. Our animals are never confined to a feedlot. We keep a requirement of 1-2 acres per animal of open pasture.


Multiple pastures are utilized in grazing rotation to develop high quality pastures and to protect soil and water quality. We plant nutrient rich grasses and crops than can be harvested for hay to supplement pasture grasses. All pastureland contains natural protection from natural elements with trees, hills and low-laying areas.


Pastures are maintained for highest quality nourishment and to combat evasive grasses and crops which may be harmful for the bison. No harmful fertilizer or pesticides are used in pastures inhabited by bison. If evasive species grow in a field, bison are moved to eradicate the issue and regrow a healthy pasture before it is occupied by bison.


Our pasture raised program supports animal health and well-being as well as improved environmental sustainability.

100% Natural

100% Natural, as defined by Benjamin Lee Bison, instills that both our animals and our meat have no addition of artificial ingredients and are processed minimally. Our animals are pasture raised and pasture finished in a natural grazing rotation. For the well-being of our animals, if any animal requires antibiotics, they are not included in our meat program. Slaughter, post-slaughter and processing are handled within a USDA inspected facility. This produces a minimally processed, zero additive meat product.


Per federal regulations, the use of growth hormones are prohibited in bison. We strictly enforce this regulation from birth to slaughter to ensure that our meat products contain zero growth hormones.