One Ranch.
One Source.

What does that mean for you and for our bison?

One ranch, one source means exactly that. All of our animals are raised on our ranch and are never sold or brokered to any other ranch, company or individual for resale. That is why we brand our beliefs. We are the ranch, and we are your direct source. From our family ranch straight to your family’s table.

When you buy Benjamin Lee Bison meat, it is coming directly from the ranchers, us, which means we can 100% guarantee the standards by which this animal was raised. We are ranchers first, meat producers second. There is a large portion of meat companies that slap their label onto a product that they simply purchased from another company - so they are selling someone else’s meat and product! How can that business stand behind a product that they never associated with? How can they say those animals were cared for humanely with their welfare being a top priority, if they have never even seen the animals? How can they speak to the environment that they were raised in, if they have never even seen where the animals are raised? Are they really on a pasture 24/7 or are they confined to lots? Are they free to roam and forage naturally like in the wild or are they on a strict grain diet for rapid weight gain? Just because their label is on a product does not mean they have real hands-on knowledge about that product, or in this case, the land or animals that were raised on behalf of this product.

If you are like us, that is a concerning number of questions to be asking about your food and where it comes from. Just because “bison ranch” or “cattle ranch” may be in their company name, doesn’t mean they actually own, raise or care for these animals. So, the safest bet is to buy direct from the source and to ask questions.


We can tell you; we can even show you, how our animals are raised, handled, fed, cared for as well as how they are treated with the upmost respect that they, and you, deserve. We stand for social responsibility, transparency and quality in all aspects of our business. Let us show you what One Ranch, One Source truly means.

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