Indigenous Inspired Bison Ravioli by @KiowaFoodie

Kara, The Kiowa Foodie, is rapidly building a following with her beautiful dishes and southern, Native American inspired recipes.  As an Oklahoman and proud member of the Kiowa Tribe, Kara’s recipes tell a mouthwatering story of tradition, heritage and ancestral cuisine that is fused with original and innovative ideas.  It was her love and pride of her ancestor’s way of life that created her desire to utilize ingredients that were traditional in Native American cooking, like the American Bison.  Bison were fundamental on the plains and sustained tribes as food, shelter, and clothing plus they provided a strong significance to the culture in a spiritual manner.  Kara’s genuine desire to pay respect to her heritage is unrivaled and her platform creates an educational experience through a tasty journey! 

Enjoy this recipe that Kara, The Kiowa Foodie, created as a representation of the marriage between Native American traditions and decadent originality. 

Learn more about Kara and check out more incredible recipes on her blog Kiowa Foodie and on Instagram.