2021 At A Glance

Well, we are now officially almost a full month into the new year, and we have taken the past few weeks to gather our thoughts to summarize and share our 2021 with you – because you are the reason we are here! 

This past year marked the 4-year anniversary of our ranch and the 2nd year of our meat business.  It may not sound like a long time, but it has felt like a decade, namely because of the close relationships we have built with family, friends, and supporters like you.

Take a look at some of this year’s highlights and thoughts from the BLB team!

BLB 2021 At A Glance


Biggest Successes:

Austin: repeat customers; knowing that we provided a product, service and relationship that had you coming back for more!

Kyle: seeing the company grow and receive recognition from publications and interviews to being added to restaurant menus

Jessi: being able to share my love and awareness for bison through various food and agricultural platforms

 Biggest Hurdle to Overcome:

Austin: army worms at the ranch (we don't wish these on anyone) & materials inflation

Kyle: launching a new program without the proper marketing & customer foundation

Jessi: all things supply chain!

Best Memories:

Austin: seeing this year's calves running and playing

Kyle: participating in the World Food Championship

Jessi: giving individuals their first ever taste of bison meat


"Thank you for the unbelievable support and thank you for believing in our product, passion and vision." - Austin

"Thank you to everyone who tried our product this past year and a special thanks to those that tried bison for the first time. Trying new things can be hard sometimes, so thank you for trusting and believing in us." - Kyle

"I deeply appreciate everyone supporting our cause and trusting in our process to provide you, your family and your loved ones with a product that was raised with love and treated with great care and respect." - Jessi

We can't wait to see what 2022 has in store!


Lots of bison love,

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