Welcome to Benjamin Lee Bison Ranch

This is our first blog post – how exciting, both for me and for you!


Welcome to Benjamin Lee Bison Ranch.  We are a second-generation bison ranch that is transitioning into a new sector for us, the meat business.  We are farmers at heart that value the integrity and quality of both the animal and the product they provide.  We are looking forward to sharing all of stories, history and experiences with you, our partners in this as we wouldn’t be able to call this a business without you!


Benjamin Lee Bison started as an idea between our 2 owners a few years back as they were really wanting to invest their time, effort and family’s interest into something more sustainable.  At the time, one of the owners had the opportunity to buy that family farm that he spent much of his childhood on, learning to farm, raise animals and just be a kid!  With those stars aligning, Benjamin Lee Bison ranch was born.  I personally got into the business about a year ago, being as I am half of one of the owners (the better half if I do say so myself ).  All 3 of us spent a lot of time working tirelessly in corporate America and this was not only a lifestyle choice but a necessity for our sanity!


We are in a business that is fulfilling, where we focus our time, efforts and energy into something that has a positive impact not only for ourselves and o ur families, but for the animals and customers and friends that we encounter along the way.  And ultimately, ending up with a product that I can vouch for - not only in quality, but for its taste and health benefits - is just the icing on the cake! 


My job is truly rewarding, so much so I can’t even call it a job, and the thing I love most about it is spending time with these incredible, diverse animals that have such fun personalities and characteristics that are unique to each and every one of them. 


We look forward to having you all with us on this crazy ride and as we want you to become a part of our big bison family!


Lots of bison love

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