Smoked Pulled BBQ Bison

I will let you in on a big secret...most of the burnt ends and shredded/pulled meat you get from a BBQ restaurant is actually from a chuck roast and not a brisket!  This is great news for the majority of backyard grillers that don't have the time or storage to dedicate to a 8 - 10 pound brisket.  Chuck roasts are considerably smaller and average 2 - 4 pounds and smoke beautifully in a lesser amount of time.  This recipe here is a shell of a recipe leaving the rub up to you.  The rub of choice for me comes from a seasoning and spice shop in OKC that is filled with sweet and smokey spices however a traditional BBQ rub also works great for this.  I used a combination of hickory and mesquite as the hardwoods bring out the natural flavors of the bison.  Not to toot my own horn, but after smoking this chuck roast, I will never order shredded BBQ meat anywhere else.  This shredded bison is full of out of this world flavor, fall off the bone tender and is sure to make your mouth water!