Bison Pad Thai

Literally my go to Asian dish – I love pad thai with any protein in it, and trust me I have tried them all. This recipe is so easy but you can really elevate it by marinating the steak several hours before cooking to make the bison extra tender and the flavor stand out. I make a super simple marinade of honey and soy and the juice of a lime with mined garlic. Toss is in the fridge for a few hours up to a day before I plan on cooking it. Like I said, its simple so if it works to plan ahead or if its last second, it will still be great!


Also, I’ll be honest, I totally cheat on the sauce and buy from the store, I have tried making it at home and truth be told the difference is not enough to make me feel like I have to have the homemade stuff. I also love peanut sauce and prefer my pad thai on the more peanuty side so I use just a small amount of pad thai sauce and then use peanut sauce until I get the coverage and consistency.