Benjamin Lee Bison Hanger Steak
Benjamin Lee Bison Hanger Steak
Benjamin Lee Bison Hanger Steak
Benjamin Lee Bison Hanger Steak

Bison Hanger Steak

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The Hanger steak is another hidden treasure. It’s known as the “butcher’s cut” because if it doesn’t get requested by the customer, it tends to make its way into the butcher’s personal freezer. It’s so packed full of flavor that no marinade is needed, it’s easy to see why this is one of their favorites!  


All hangers are whole except for the noted "individual steaks" which are smaller portioned and trimmed hangers.

Cooking recommendation: cut in half down the center line and remove excess gristle in both the center line and exterior.  Toss it on the grill for a quick flame session.  For the best experience, do not cook over a medium.  I personally like to butterfly both halves, more surface area for grill flavor and an even quicker cook time.

Cooking Tips

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